Fuel Management

AutoNeft Station Management System

Neftgen Fuel Management System allows you to monitor your sales and tank level with an industrial touch panel mounted on the dispenser. With the card reader feature, only authorized persons can use the system and the fuel purchased with each card is reported. All information can be viewed and reported with remote monitoring feature via wi-fi or GSM module. The device only needs two wires, one from the pump and one from the level probe. The system also works offline, it transfers the information to the center when it is online. Installation is quick and very simple.

Easily Track Your Sales and Tank Level Remotely!

Monitor all your sales

See your level in the tank

Authorize automation cards (Vehicle recognition)

Access all data anywhere in the World.

Automation Panel + Card Reader

It can communicate with one pump and one tank probe

Can read Mifare RFID card and ATS tags

No wiring or board installation required

4.3” Resistive touch screen is not affected by daylight

Can access cloud server by connecting to internet network with wifi

Can store card and ATS IDs

Gets card provisions from its own memory

Stores sales and stock data when offline, sends to cloud server when online

Easy to install and quick commissioning

Suitable for container and skit systems.

When necessary, by adding a GSM module, connection with the cloud server can be provided in non-Wifi locations.

Tank ve Pompa Otomasyon Ağı

With the system, you can monitor your mobile stations, tankers, fixed stations and access information with Quantum Cloud Servers from anywhere in the world.