Leakage Detection

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Storage of liquids that may harm the environment and that have the risk of explosion and fire in double-walled tanks and transferring them through double-walled pipes are the precautions to be taken at the source to limit these risks.

Pressure and Vacuum Tank and Pipe Leak Detectors manufactured by SGB are systems that provide 24-hour / 365-day monitoring against a leak that may occur in the interior or exterior wall. Different models are available depending on the size of the tank and pipelines, the type of liquid stored, whether it is under pressure.

Thanks to the SGB Vacuum and Pressure Type Leak Detector Technology, the spread of liquids stored in the tank or transferred via a pipeline can be prevented from spreading to the environment, thus providing the highest level of protection from environmental pollution, explosion and fire.


Enforcement Practices in Europe

TS / EN 13160; It shows the applications of different classes of leak detection systems used in tanks and pipes and has been put into effect in Europe since 2003.

In accordance with the European Union Environmental Policies, “Class 1” type (Pressured and Vacuum) systems that have been proven to provide maximum protection in double-walled tanks and Pipelines are required to be installed. Our company supplies the Tank and Pipe Leak Detectors required within the scope of TSE 12820.

Usage areas

Fuel stations tank and pipe systems.

Installations and terminals where oil and its derivatives are stored.

Chemical production and storage facilities.

Refineries, Petrochemical plants,

Oil, fuel, chemical, solvent tanks in factories.

Generator tanks.

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