As Neftgen, data centers, hospitals, factories, etc. We offer “Generator Fuel Systems” solutions for facilities operating with critical operation codes. We provide turnkey service to our customers, from design and technical drawings to installation and maintenance of equipment. Thanks to our team’s experience in “Generator Fuel Systems”, we offer the most suitable equipment in terms of safety and efficiency for Data Centers with Tier 3 and Tier 4 designs.

High quality components such as suitable double wall fuel tanks, Atex certified fuel pumps, PE pipes conforming to TS EN 14125, Atex certified level sensors and automatic valves, various filtration options and Fuel Polishing are provided by Neftgen. All equipment in the system has international certificates and facilities are designed according to safety directives.

System Components

Some System Components for Critical Operations Generator Fuel Systems:

Critical Operation Generator Fuel Systems
  • Fuel Pumps (Submersible Pumps or Transfer Sets)
  • Underground – Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks (TS EN 12285)
  • Flexible PE Pipes and Fittings (EN 14125)
  • Daily Tanks
  • Fuel Polishing Systems – Filtration Systems
  • Level Measurement Systems
Critical Operation Generator Fuel Systems
  • Fuel Control Cabinets
  • Heating Systems for Tanks and Pipes
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Tank Leak Detection System (TS EN 13160)
  • Line Leak Detection System
  • PLC – MCC Panels

Providing a reliable energy source for your critical operations is critical to ensuring uninterrupted operation and continued operational continuity. Critical Operations Generator Fuel Systems come into operation quickly and smoothly during power outages and provide energy supply. Our Critical Operations Generator Fuel Systems solution can be customized in accordance with TS 12820 standards and designed to suit your needs. Our expert teams work with you through project planning and engineering studies and offer comprehensive solutions to meet all the requirements of your station.

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