As Neftgen, we provide design, engineering, project planning, installation and equipment supply services for fuel and LPG-CNG stations with our experienced team.

We are here to meet the technical and security needs of fuel stations, which are indispensable for your travels. We strive to provide you with the best service in order to provide a safe, fast and quality fuel experience.

Fuel Station Services

Services we provide for your fuel stations in accordance with TS 12820:

Fuel Station Services
  • Projecting and Engineering Studies
  • Technical Drawings
  • Supply and Installation of Double Wall or Single Wall Tank
  • Dispenser Supply and Installation
  • Infrastructure Installation and Piping Operations
  • Pump Automation and Tank Automation Supply
  • Canopy and Porch Production
  • Construction Works
  • Canopy and Station Lighting Works
Fuel Station Services
  • Supply and Installation of Station Safety Equipment
  • Performing All Leakage Tests of the Station
  • Submersible Pump Supply and Installation
  • Grounding, Lightning Rod, etc. Electrical work
  • Electricity Distribution Board Supply
  • Leak Detection Systems Supply
  • Station Renovations
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Vehicle Washing Systems

We offer special services for your fuel needs in accordance with TS 12820 standards. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet all the needs of your stations, and provide professional support during project design, engineering studies and implementation phases.

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