Our Quality Management System Policies

- Neftgen Engineering Inc.

With the responsibility given by our industry, by using all kinds of technology in today's conditions, in the fields of Fuel, LPG, CNG Stations and Automation Systems Installation, Service, Project Management and Consultancy in accordance with the expectations of our customers, reliable, legal conditions and applicable In line with being a company that is compatible with the conditions and identified with quality and trust in the sector;

  • To provide solutions suitable for customer structure,
  • Creating employment of appropriate personnel and other resources for the projects
  • To create and develop quality awareness at all levels,
  • To have an organizational structure that constantly renews and develops itself,
  • To care for the environment, occupational health and safety

We undertake to increase our service quality by ensuring the participation of all employees, to continuously improve our quality system, which is renewed with the suggestions of our employees, solution partners and customers, to increase the awareness of the social environment in which we live, to reduce pollution and to establish a livable world.

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