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Neftgen Engineering, its founders and all employees, with its expert and experienced team in the fuel sector and group companies in 3 countries, engineering for the needs of the sector in fuel stations, CNG - LPG stations, generator fuel feeding systems, tank cleaning machines, port equipment and electrical panels and electrical projects. offers solutions.

Neftgen, which is the leading oil distribution companies, data centers, public institutions, ports and industrial facilities among the companies it serves, has the flexibility to make special production according to customer needs, as well as turnkey facility installation and project design. Located in Istanbul, Neftgen Mühendislik A.Ş. In addition, Neftgen Engineering MMC in Azerbaijan and Neftgen Engineering MChJ in Uzbekistan successfully carries out installation, technical consultancy, project design, equipment supply, service and maintenance activities with its experienced staff in these countries.

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Innovative, reliable and sustainable

Konteyner Akaryakıt İstasyonu

Neftgen Engineering Inc. as, to provide innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions in the field of engineering to our customers globally. Adhering to high quality standards, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and constantly improving ourselves to lead the industry.


A reference company

Our vision is to be a reference company in the engineering industry worldwide. To reach a leading position in the global market by offering innovative solutions that exceed the needs of our customers and to set industry standards in the fields of sustainability, technology and quality. To create a corporate culture based on teamwork and to create value for the society by seeing our human resources as the most valuable asset.

Neftgen is the regional dealer of the world's leading producers in the fuel sector. Products such as fuel dispensers and pumps, pump and tank automation systems, LPG and CNG equipment, infrastructure installation equipment, submersible pumps, leak detection systems, electrical panels, vehicle washing systems, electric vehicle charging stations, tank cleaning machines, fuel tanks according to the needs of the customers. offers.

With the Autoneft Station Automation System developed in-house, Neftgen enables stations to monitor and report all sales and inventories easily and securely.

Our Main Areas

Neftgen Engineering Inc. as, we offer solutions in our main areas of expertise in different sectors.

Neftgen Engineering Inc.

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Neftgen Engineering Inc. We have a global network strategically located around the world. Check out our campuses now!