Neftgen offers its customers high quality equipment and assembly services for CNG Stations. It operates with its expert team in the packaging and manufacturing of high quality, safe and long-lasting compressors with inlet pressure from 0.2 bar(g) to 90 bar(g) and up to 8000 Sm3/h capacity.

The components used are supplied from the leading companies in the field and assembled with high quality workmanship. It fulfills customer demands with a design that prevents oil from mixing with gas and production in accordance with international directives.

CNG Station Equipment We Offer

Products and services we provide for your CNG Stations:

  • CNG Compressor Production and Packaging
  • CNG Compressor Cabin Production
  • CNG Dispenser
  • CNG Dryer (With Regeneration)
  • CNG Storage Tanks
  • RMS Station
  • Prioritization Panels
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure Lines
  • Automation System

Our CNG Stations solution is designed using high quality and certified equipment. Our stations are equipped with modern technology and automation systems, so that the correct amount of CNG is filled safely. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the filling process is easily completed.

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