Matrix – Q3

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Designed to meet the data analytics needs of our customers, optimize their decision-making processes and gain competitive advantage, MATRIX-Q3 is a powerful solution that starts a new era in business intelligence.

This special software designed for container and fuel systems will greatly speed up the transactions of our valued customers.


Standard Features

With 2 x RS485 ports, it can communicate directly with one pump or interface and one tank probe.

4.3” Has a resistive touchscreen graphic display, not affected by daylight.

It stores sales data when offline and sends it to the cloud server when online.

Mifare can read RFID card and ATS tags.

It can access the cloud server by connecting to the local internet network with wifi.

Easy to install and quick to commission.

No wiring or board installation required.

Can store card and ATS IDs, get card provisions from its own memory.

Suitable for container and skit systems.

When necessary, by adding a GSM module, connection with the cloud server can be provided in non-Wifi locations.

Only with a touch card reader panel mounted on the pump...

Track All Your Sales.

Track All Your Sales.

Track All Your Sales.

Track All Your Sales.