Exproof Flame Detector

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The Sense-WARE Triple IR3 Flame Detector is designed to provide optimum performance for Zone 2 and Safe Area flame detection. Designed to detect all types of hydrocarbon fires and provide immunity to false alarms, the Model IR3-109/1 provides a cost-effective solution for Zone 2 and Safe Area industrial and commercial applications.

Sense-WARE Alev Dedektörleri, 5 yıllık garanti ile hızlı performans sunar.


Technical Features


Cast Iron, Red Painted

Maximum Pressure

14 Bar (200psi)

Standard Cable

9 meters

Fusible Link

71°C Standard


Test and Lubricate 3 Times a Year-

Valve Return

90° (¼ turn)

Flange Features

BS4504, PN16

Screw Specifications

BSP Paralel

Available Weights

2.25, 4.5, 6.8 kg (5, 10, 15lb)