IR3 Flame Detectors


The IR3 flame detectors are utilize advanced microprocessor technology for precise electronic signal analysis. These detectors require the Infrared sensors to surpass their alarm threshold balance, with an additional flame flicker-frequency analysis criterion for enhanced detection. Offering robust false alarm rejection capabilities, including Arc Welding (>3m) and chopped sunlight or halogen lights, while still effectively detecting real fires, they ensure reliable performance. With a dynamic delay time of 4-8 seconds to prevent unwarranted alarms and suitability for detecting light and heavy Hydrocarbon fires, they offer versatile protection. Regular self-tests and availability of a Test Lamp for inspections ensure optimal sensor and electronics functionality.

IR 3 Flame Detectors

Product Specifications IR3 Flame Detectors

Suitable for heavy- and light Hydrocarbons such as Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, and Ethanol.

Resistant to artificial and sunlight.

Automatic sensor test for reliable operation.

ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments: II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc, II 3D Ex tc IIIC T 71°C Dc IP65,
ambient temperature range: -25° to +70°C.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Operating temperature range: -40 to +70°C (in Safe Areas only).

Constructed with a GRP housing for durability.

cFMus class 3611 certified (Nonincendive, Class I, II, and III, Div 2), ambient temperature range: -25° to

Features relay output for Alarm and Fault indications.

Provides sinking 4-20 mA output (stepped) for easy integration.

CPR/EN54-10 certified for compliance with European standards.

Approved by FM class 3260 for reliability and performance.

California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) listed.

Model Specifications


IR3-109/1CZ, with CPR/EN54-10 approval and ATEX certified cat. 3 for zone 2/22, FM class 3260 and cFMus class 3611 Approved



ATEX category 3 for zone 2/22

FM class 3611 and 3260