Fuel Filtration – Polishing

Diesel Polishing System and Fuel Tank Cleaning System

All fuel types begin to deteriorate by moving away from refinery properties over a period of time due to temperature, humidity and other effects. Water and sediment formation begins at the bottom of the tank due to microorganisms and particles. In addition, suspended water particles are formed in the fuel. Over a period of time, both the quality of the fuel decreases and its color deteriorates. In addition, it causes malfunctions by clogging the injectors in the system (land vehicles, aircraft, generators, burners, dynamic UPS etc.) To prevent this, fuel tanks must be maintained. As Neftgen, we provide continuous maintenance with the Diesel Polishing system, while with the Tank Cleaning System, which is our own production, we allow you to remove the sediment and water at the bottom of the tank and get rid of the water particles in the fuel.

Our Fuel Filtration Polishing products are manufactured from extremely high quality parts.

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For Critical Operations (Data Centres, Hospitals, Power Plants, Airports etc.) Fuel Polishing – FMPS systems are the ideal solution. Tank Cleaning System is a more suitable solution for fuel stations and industrial filling stations.

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