Fuel Polishing System

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Diesel,as a fossil fuel, contains micro-organisms that can reproduce in both oxygenated (aerobic) and oxygen-free (anaerobic) environments, as well as a certain amount of water, due to its structure. It may cause the fuel to become unusable or cause equipment such as the generator fed from this contaminated fuel to not work/damage at the time of use. The Fuel Polishing process disables the microorganisms in the diesel and ensures that the fuel is stored in a clean and ready-to-use condition at any time with full performance. In addition, since it separates the water in the tank from the environment, it prevents oxidation in the tanks and extends tank life, reducing the need for periodic tank cleaning.

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Why is Fuel Polishing Mandatory?

When you need to feed your electricity grid by starting your generator in an emergency, when you launch your diesel engine boat again in the summer season, or when you want to use the stored fuel in your truck or excavator, you may encounter an unpleasant and costly surprise. Stored diesel fuel causes sludge to form in the tank over time. and may damage your vehicles as soon as it is wanted to be used. Fuel polishing process not only protects your equipment from such damage, but it also prevents wasted fuel from being wasted.

Fuel polishing system, which can be designed for different storage capacities and does not require external command, and works with fully automation control. We eliminate your concerns about the quality of your stored diesel fuel.

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