Tank Cleaning System

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The system can be used for diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, etc. It is designed for bottom cleaning of fuel tanks without human access to the tank. All fuels start to form deposits on the bottom of the tank after a certain period of time. In addition, water that settles due to density is also found in this region. Dust, rust, bacteria, solid particles turn into slime after a while. The safest and most effective way to get rid of this slime and water is to clean the bottom of the tank.


Tank cleaning without stopping the station and without people entering the tank!

It is the ideal solution for cleaning diesel, gasoline and jet fuel tanks.

No people are required to enter the tank.

Different filtration options

Regulator, pressure relief valve, differential pressure manometer

Removes all water, bacteria, rust and solid particles.

Stainless steel filter housing

Exproof pneumatic or electric pump options.

Removal of settled or suspended water from the fuel.

Long-lasting and cleanable filters.

Possibility to clean dispenser and tank sumps.

Fuel Tank
What Happens If Not Cleaned?


It loses its fuel properties.


The tank rots. Toxic gas is released.


Fuel consumption increases.


The capacity of the fuel tank decreases.


Tank parts and equipment connected to the tank often fail.


Parts of the pumps are damaged.


Filters get clogged very quickly.

What Do You Gain With Tank Cleaning?

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