Exproof Flame Detector

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Our Exproof Flame Detector delivers exceptional performance in Zone 2 and Safe Area flame detection, boasting immunity to false alarms and the ability to detect all hydrocarbon fires. Tailored for industrial and commercial use, this solution offers cost-effectiveness alongside a reliable 5-year warranty.

Flame detectors are renowned for their rapid response to open fires, catering to a wide range of applications spanning indoor and outdoor environments and accommodating both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuels. We provide a comprehensive selection of Flame detector types – including UV, UV/IR, and IR3 – tailored to suit your plant's needs. With Flame Detectors in place, the safety of your
workers is vigilantly monitored whether they're on the job or enjoying time at home with friends and family. Regular self-tests and the availability of a Test Lamp ensure the ongoing reliability and
functionality of sensors and electronics, providing peace of mind.