Waterproof Composite Manhole Covers

Our products

Emco manufactures high quality safety equipment for gas stations in its facilities in the USA.

It is also the manufacturer of many products for Vapor Recovery Systems, the main products of which are spill container, overfill prevention valve, shear valve, vent cap.

Emco Valves and station equipment have up-to-date Atex and UL certificates.

Kompozit Menhol Kapaklari

Standard Features

High strength to weight ratio

Meets EN124, AASHTO M306 and H20/25 load standards

It is mounted zero on the concrete surface

Best non-slip surface among all composite covers

Open 42”, 36”, 30” and 24” interior opening

Truly waterproof with care followed

Simple disassembly / replacement without injury

15-year warranty, a first in the industry!