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The Xflo Fuel Meter enables oil retailers and fleet managers to reduce costs attributed to meter drift and increase flow rates to serve more drivers in less time.

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Contributions of the XFlo Meter


Stop Fuel Loss and Increase Your Income

Every time a customer refuels their vehicle, you have a chance to dispense fuel, and small volumes per transaction have a significant impact on profit margins. Typical fuel meters give extra fuel as they lose accuracy with wear. The cost of meter slippage over time can be tens of thousands of dollars worth of fuel damage.

The restrictive nature of standard meters hinders rapid fuel flow, meaning consumers take longer to refuel. If customers go to a competitor while your fuel guns are busy, revenue is lost as a result. Conventional meters also require periodic recalibration to re-establish accuracy, which incurs another operational cost.

Fuel retailers have hitherto considered these significant costs a necessary business expense because there was little that could be done about them. You no longer have to tolerate fuel loss and slow flow rates as the cost of doing business.

Significantly Reduce Maintenance Costs

The Xflo Meter is so accurate that it virtually eliminates the need for recalibration. In fact, testing by an independent lab proves the Xflo Meter's accuracy remains consistent after millions of liters of fuel have been measured.

Another advantage of Xflo Meter's innovative engineering is that each unit is tuned to a unique performance profile using multiple calibration points. This calibration ID improves accuracy over a wide range of flow rates.