Wayne Helix Series

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The Wayne Helix™ range of pumps is designed for you. With user feedback from all over the world, a model was created that benefited distributors, fleet owners and retailers and that service technicians could easily intervene. In this design, advanced technology pumps were designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers by complying with the world's highest safety standards.

Hellix Ailesi


Helix Pump Features

Modular Design

It simplifies service and reduces setup times by using shared global components, electronics and basic user interface.

Extended Branding

More visuals in hydraulic covers, valances and additional signage areas increase brand visibility for customers to refuel.

Safe Dispenser Components

Helix pumps have individually locking modular compartments and a U-frame that prevents unauthorized access to the electronic head.

Possibility of Selling Combo Fuel

Helix pumps provide the opportunity to sell CNG, LPG and AdBlue products in the same case, as well as four different fuels.

Durable Materials

It consists of high performance composites and corrosion resistant alloys that help reduce common corrosion points and lower maintenance costs.

Improved User Interface

High-contrast, ergonomically designed screens (including angled price screens above push-start buttons) provide better visibility.

Industry-Leading Payment Security

Helix pumps include Wayne's iX Pay™ secure payment technology platform, providing payment security compliance with the latest PCI PTS and EMV® global standards.

Multimedia Display Models

While your customer is getting fuel, it allows you to increase your income by reflecting your station's services and advertisements on the screens.