Helix 6000

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Regardless of their size, Helix 6000 series pumps are designed to fit perfectly in the retail fuel industry. With its minimal, contemporary design, it offers all the features you need to modernize prepayments and provide your customers with a hassle-free refueling experience. Helix 6000 series pumps allow you to sell AdBlue or LPG products as well as fuel products.

Helix 6000 scaled

Standard Features

Number of products

1 - 2 Products

Pump Type

Pressure - Suction

Available Streams

40, 70, 40-70 or 120 Liters

Hose Method

Simplified Hose Retract (standard), Advanced Hose Retract (optional)

Display Options

6-7-5 (Volume-Price-Unit Price)

Steam Recovery

Yes (lead free only)

Automatic Temperature Compensation


AdBlue Configurations


LPG Configurations


Custom Design and Dimensions

Yes. / Dimensions: 1067 (L) x (600) H x (2050) (W) (Varies on Combo models.)

Corrosion Resistance

At least C3 for harsh environments

Operating temperature

-40°C to +55°C