Helix 2000

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Helix 2000 scaled

Standard Features

Number of products

1 - 2 Products

Pump Type

Pressure - Suction

Available Streams

40, 70, 40-70, 90, 120 veya 180 LPM

Hose Method

Hook (standard), Pole (optional)

Display Options

6-7-5 LCD

Steam Recovery

Yes (lead free only)

Automatic Temperature Compensation


AdBlue Configurations


LPG Configurations


Custom Design and Dimensions

Yes. / Dimensions: 1012 mm (Length) x 669 mm (Width) x 1480 mm (Height)

Corrosion Resistance

Operation up to C3-M corrosion category ISO 12944-2: 1998 as standard (stainless steel doors available for harsh environments)

Operating temperature

-40°F to +131°F