Galvanized Pipe and Fittings

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Galvanized Pipe and Fittings provide excellent resistance to rust and corrosion thanks to the galvanization process. This feature ensures the products have a long life and maintain their durability even in harsh working environments. It also provides smoothness and smoothness on the inner surface for safe water transmission.

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Galvanized Product Types

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Product Standards

Trakya Döküm tempered cast iron fittings are produced in accordance with the European tempered cast iron fitting standard EN 10242 Design symbol “A” and the international fitting standard ISO 49 norms.

It defines the design and performance criteria that the threaded pipe fittings made of tempered cast iron should have in both standards.

Trakya Döküm fittings are produced in a way that fulfills all the requirements of both standards and is suitable for the transportation of all fluids and gases (air, water, natural gas, liquid fuels, etc.) at the pressure and temperature limits specified below.


The bearings of ring unions for sealing must be cleaned and lubricated before use. In drinking water applications, they should be cleaned and lubricated with a thread sealing material suitable for use in drinking water (for example, thread sealing paste in accordance with DIN 3066).


The threads of Trakya Döküm fittings are manufactured in accordance with the thread sizes specified in ISO 7-1 norms, with internal threads parallel (Rp) and external threads 1/16 conical (R). Teeth conforming to the ISO 228/1 standard are symbolized with a G.