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Flex Connections is a flexible and durable product line that offers our customers the perfect solution for a variety of industrial applications. These connections provide protection against vibrations and shocks in various mechanical systems, allowing work to be carried out more efficiently and safely.

Flex Connections are made of high quality materials and are specially designed for long-lasting use. In this way, our customers get the highest performance in terms of reliability and durability. Plus, being resistant to a variety of environmental conditions, Flex Links can operate effectively even in harsh working environments.

Thanks to its flexible design, Flex Connections simplifies assembly and disassembly. This feature saves time and makes maintenance processes faster. It is also available in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate different application requirements.

Fleks Hortum
Fleks Hortumlar

Standard Features

Stainless steel


Knuckle Type

Fixed or Swivel Joint




Desired Length

Connection Type

Flanged or Threaded