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Free Fall Fire Valves are integral components of fire protection systems, specially crafted for generators and plant rooms. Designed
for both cut-off and dump applications, these valves effectively isolate or dump the fuel supply as needed. Available models include
FEL 20-001, 20-003, 20-005, 20-007, 20-009, and 20-011. Activated either by the melting of a fusible link or connected to
optional ancillary items like manual quick release or panic buttons, SQR (electrical) intervention, or main fire alarm/BMS communication.

Featuring a free-fall linkage system, these valves ensure reliable operation by allowing the weight to gain sufficient momentum before moving the valve lever. Commonly known as dead weight or drop arm valves, they come with valve cable kits containing essential
components like the weight, lever, pulleys, fusible link, cable, and connectors. With a lubricated plug valve design chosen for its reliability, these valves are easily maintainable compared to ball valves. Suitable for a variety of fuels including Diesel, Heating Oil, Lubricating oil, Mineral oil, Gas oil, and Rape Seed oil. Optional extras include Tilt Position Switch and Low-Level Installation Kit."

Fire Valves

Technical Specifications


Cast Iron, painted red.

Maximum Pressure

14 Bar (200psi)

Standard Cable


Fusible Link

71°C as standard


Test & lubricate 3 times/year

Valve Rotation

90° (¼ turn)


4”,5″,6″ valves: Type 90 under 4” valves: Type 44

Flange Specification

BS4504, PN16

Screwed Specification

BSP parallel

Weights Available

2.25, 4.5, 6.8 kg (5, 10, 15lb)