Autoneft Pump and Tank Automation

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Fuel Management System, designed to increase the fuel efficiency of our customers, reduce costs and minimize their environmental impact, is a powerful way to optimize the fuel management processes of your business.

Thanks to the Autoneft Fuel Management System, you can control these costs. Our system offers comprehensive fuel monitoring and analysis capabilities, allowing you to optimize performance while minimizing fuel consumption.


Autoneft Fuel Management

All Sales and Shift Reports

All Stock Reports

Ability to Remotely Control the Station

It works for you, it decides for you and it applies to you

Quick and Easy Installation

Provides 24/7 Uninterrupted Service

All in Your Control

Easily Access All Your Location's Data

Embedded system with PC ensures easy installation and safe operation

What can it do?

Instant Sales Tracking and Analysis

Instant Stock Tracking and Analysis

Ability to Identify Cards and Labels

Ability to Track Shifts

Central Automatic Fuel Order Management

Ability to Get Reports Based on Station

Ability to Manage Multiple Locations from a Single Point


Pump Automation User Market Interface


With the Market screen, you can follow the station sales instantly, and you can easily access the sales details with one click.

Tank Automation

Tank automation shows the actual fuel amount of your tanks with its instant tracking screen. With various options, you know in advance that your fuel will run out. In addition, you will not run out of fuel with the automatic ordering system.


How does Autoneft

Sales and Inventory

Autoneft provides you with all the sales and inventory information at your gas station.

Head Office Software

It is possible to monitor all fuel stations from the Head Office.

Payment Panel

In addition to defining Loyalty and Bonus Cards, you can define Advance Card and Prepaid Free Card, and monitor limit management on the basis of vehicles.

How Can It Help Your Operation?

Autoneft has been specially designed to solve your needs. Thanks to its user interface and functional modules, you can both save time and make a high profit.

Autoneft is designed to work “OFFLINE” when there is a communication problem such as base station failure, central internet connection failure, GSM module failure or local internet failure.


Extra Features