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Designed to meet the motion control needs of our customers, optimize system performance and provide precise movements, the Actuator is a reliable and high-performance solution.

An actuator is a device that produces linear or circular motion using mechanical or electrical energy. Actuators, which are widely used in industrial automation, robotics, automotive and many similar fields, enable systems to perform the desired movement.

Pnomatik Aktuator

Standard Features


TORK Brand RX Series Pneumatic actuators produced in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EC Directive are used in risky and potentially explosive environments. On-off / proportional control of ball valves, butterfly valves, dampers


RX 32 DA … RX 350 DA / RX 32 SR….RX 350 SR


4 - 8 Bars

Protection Class

IP67, Atex Protection Class: Ex II 2GD c T4 Zone 1, Zone 2

Output Torque Value

9 Nm … 5162 Nm (at 6 bar)


Aluminum extrusion anodized coated

Cover and Pistons

Alüminyum Enjeksiyon

Positioner Connection

Normally Closed

Direction Valve Connection

Normally Closed

Conversion to Single Effect

Normally Closed


-20ºC … 80ºC

Valve connection

Normally Closed

Limit Switch Connection

Normally Closed

Stroke Adjustment

Stroke Adjustment

Stroke AdjusCoil Voltageitment

230V, 110V, 48V, 24V, 12V AC; 110V , 48V , 24V , 12V DC