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The Global Vista series of suction or pressurized systems combine Wayne's innovative and exclusive technology. The state-of-the-art electronic design is in the iGEMtm board and is compatible with all automation systems. The IGEM card is programmed with a remote control, and thanks to its password protection structure, it does not allow the intervention of unauthorized persons from outside. Reliability, precision and performance are kept at the highest level in the special Wayne hydraulic structure. It provides electronic calibration with its advanced technology integrated smart pulser. It can work with four different types of fuel. With its improved design and special double impact connections, all equipment is easy to access and reduces maintenance time and cost.

Global Vista

Standard Features


Electronic calibration, micrometric accuracy of ±0.25%.

Flow Rate

Flow rate of 40 liters per minute.

Tough Conditions

IMETER technology that can work in difficult conditions.

Robust Material

Robust casing made of stainless side braces and galvanized steel sheets.

Vibration free

A separator that works without vibration and evacuates air and gases by centrifuge.

Latest Technology Card

State of the art iGEM electronic board supporting DART, IFSF and Current Loop.

Illuminated Display

Backlit display for quantity, volume and unit price.

Smart Devices

Intelligent pulser integrated with the meter.

Proportional Adjustment

Oransal selonoid valf.

Long-Lasting Memory

Memory that stores sales for more than five years.

Electromechanical Totalizer

Twelve-digit electronic and seven-digit non-resettable electromechanical totalizer.


Optional Features


10.4” digital multimedia screen.

Special Selection



Emergency stop button

High technology

High precision X-FLO meter technology.


4 refills at the same time

Flow Rate

Maximum flow rate from 70 liters to 120 liters.


Steam recycling system.