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Mobile Fuel Stations – Container Fuel Stations

Neftgen Container Fuel Stations offer low cost, safe and dynamic solutions with very easy and fast installation. The mobile system is an alternative to conventional gas stations and can be used for gasoline, diesel and propane (LPG).



Mobile Fuel Stations
Mobile Fuel Stations
Pump and Tank Automation System

European standards

Easy start up

Flexible design

Remote monitoring

Safe system

Neftgen Mobile Fuel Station offer safe, dynamic and low-cost solutions with a very easy and fast installation. Containerized Fuel Station Systems are an alternative to fuel stations and can be used for the sale of different types of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, LPG and Adblue. Systems can be equipped with various types of tanks, pumps and additional features. 20 feet, 40 feet and high cube container fuel stations (Mobile Fuel Station) can be equipped with, different capacities and 1,2 or 4 fuel dispensers. Dispensers can be both suction and pressure type. Mobile Fuel Station can be supplied in 40 feet or 20 feet ISO containers. Mobile fuel stations are suitable for ocean transport. BIC, SOC and CSC (Container Safety Certificate) for maritime transportation. 

 Tanks can be produces according to EN12285 European Standards or UL145 (Underwriters Laboratories. Autoneft Fuel Management System, allows customers to monitor all sales and fuel level remotely.

Adaptability to local conditions, easy installation, automatic operation, high degree of safety and reliability… These are the advantages offered to the customers by our sophisticated Neftgen series Mobile Fuel Station.

Ideal Solution For:

Construction Sites, Factory Filling Stations and Logistic Centers, Airports, River and Sea Ports, Railways, Security Forces, Fire Departments, Army and Police Areas with, Low Density of Conventional Filling Stations, Villages, Resort Areas State Administration and Municipal Bodies

  • Capacity options from 10 m3 to 40 m3
  • 1 item or 2 items dispenser
  • Double Layer or Single Layer Tank
  • Compartmentalized or non-compartmental tank
  • Transfer set for tank filling
  • Tank level monitoring system
  • Pump automation
  • Generator room
  • Attendant room
  • Security systems
  • Production in accordance with the standards for transportation

Usage areas

  • Seasonal needs; Holiday areas, marinas, agricultural areas, etc.
  • Special organizations (Motor sports etc.)
  • Construction sites,
  • Mining managements,
  • Refueling needs of large fleets





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